Data Backups
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Full system backups
Creates a backup image on a CD for use if your PC crashes. Optionally, an image file can be created and stored on an external hard drive if you need your entire hard drive backed up. An automated full system backups will allow you to back up your operating system and all associated drivers, PLUS all of your user data including photos, music, Office documents, etc. All backup discs included. Note: Your PC must be able to make a CD/DVD recovery set from within Windows if you are needing recovery discs.

File Backups
Choose which solutions work for you! Run automatic backups each night for your user files to a shared network drive, OR use an online backup service that backs up all of your personal data, or only what you pick!

Archive your data to multiple backup locations to free up space on your system! Cleaning up your hard drive will improve overall performance.

Data Recovery
Hard drive crash? If your hard drive crashed, no need to worry about lost family photos or your music library! Your data may still be recoverable with our Forensic Data recovery services! Contact us today to find out more!